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Dear Parents,

I wish to advise parents of the process agreed by the Board of Management and followed by the staff of the school in terms of class money expenditure.

This academic year, 2013-2014, the school will spend an estimated €30,000 on Classroom requisites.  The Board of Management effectively subsidises this figure in the event of parents not paying the classroom requisites.  We would expect to collect in the region of €25,000 from contributing parents.  All pupils are treated equally in the school and resources are availed of by all the pupils in the school.

The amount of €75 was agreed by the following process:

  1. The figure was determined following a consultative process with staff on their classroom requisites, which includes all expenditure on consumables for all the children in the class. Teachers will also acquire resources to facilitate the introduction of new methodologies of teaching in all areas of the curriculum.
  1. The Board of Management agreed this figure based on said feedback from staff and from examining income and expenditure in previous years.  The Class Money for our neighbouring school, St. Mary’s Junior Boys School, is the same amount.
  1. The amount covers the purchase of classroom resources for the pupils and photocopying expenses.  It also covers ‘school related activities’ insurance for all the pupils in the class.

In relation to spending procedures, the teachers always look for the best value, the majority of the requisites are purchased in bulk and discounts are secured.  The Principal approves all purchases.

In relation to the school budget, a huge amount of work and numerous meetings between the Principal, Treasurer and Chairman took place to determine the budget for the school year.

We encourage all parents to contribute to class money.   The result of not paying is that spending in other areas of the budget, which is of benefit to the pupils in the school, is reduced.  Parents who make the full contribution are not in any way paying for those that do not.  The Board of Management is subsidising this from capitation funding.

I hope this document provides clarity on the matter and further enhances the improved communications between Parents’ Association, the parent body and the School and the wider school community.

Peadar O’Dwyer,